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I have been having trouble with some countryman headsets. I have to change the wires that comes from the pack to the headset about 2-3 times a year. Is anyone else using this mic and having a similiar problem? I believe that I just have a bad lot. I am using Shure ULX P 's and so far the packs are great. I mostly use the mics for musical productions which happen twice a year. The rest of the year the mics are stored in a temparture controlled room.


I have the Isomax earset also called the E6. I have to change out the wire. I have taken one apart but could not find anything that looked like it was causing a problem. Any ideas?


So is it the actual wire or just the connection that you have the problem with- we use them, and have had problems with a couple where the wires haven't been taped at the back, which meant that there was alot of pulling on them... aside from that... i love them :D :D :D


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Are you having the issue where the cable starts to short out at the connector when it get's tugged on or, in extreme cases, just nudged the wrong way? This is a common problem with every Countryman element I've ever used. They tend to strip the leads back too far inside the connector, and because their strain relief is so shabby (shrink tubing?!), as it gets used and softens up, the connections inside tend to short out.

If you send it back to Countryman, they'll fix them, but try to bill you $50 for it. Since I've had it happen on nearly every single element of theirs I've used--as have a number of other engineers I know--and even had it happen a second time on elements they've repaired, I'd encourage you to insist they acknowlege it as a warranty issue and repair it gratis. They won't change how they wire these things and bilk customers for repairs because of their poor workmanship unless we stand up to them. I was starting to fight my way up the chain of command with their customer service and engineering department when I'd been through a few hundred dollars in repairs on a major national tour using over two dozen B6 elements (not counting our stock of spares), but Carl (Countryman, the head engineer/namesake) never returned my calls before the tour closed, so it became a moot point on that particular case. It's on my list of things to follow up on, but since I'm not actively using the elements anymore, it's unfortunately fallen down my current list of priorities.

I specifically will not spec Countryman elements in my own designs for this very reason, and only begrudingly use them when the choice is not mine.
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Thanks for that info. Andy. We used Countryman lav elements in my high school. We started with 6, now we're down to 2. They kept shorting out. The rest of them now use A-T elements.

IMO, the countrymans sounded much, much better, but the A-Ts have held up much better.


Andy, it sounds like you had the same problem that I am currently battling. I have been trying to talk to people from their service department but I am having no luck.

At this point I am ready to give it up and just purchase new mics. But if there is one thing that I hope happens is that sound guys know of the problem. I would not recommend these for anyone in a college or university setting. They just can not take the abuse at all.

These are some of the best sounding mics I have heard but after the failers on stage during performances I will not use them.

Thanks for everyones input on this subject.


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