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does anyone else have crew nights? if so what do you do? last year we went to this really ionce japanese place(also did some research for last years musical there: The Mikado). this year we're going to this place called the safe house in milwaukee, its a spy themed place. except this time we have to pay, are lighting consult has a meetings in milaukee all day but last time he paied for all of our dinners which was atleast over $150. i hope we go bowling after or a moive.
SuperCow said:
Yeah, that's it, we play badminton and other things that those under the age of eighteen are allowed to do.

Or 21 in the wonderful united states (you can go to war and die for your country, but you can't have a glass of wine when your at dinner. does that make sense?). But, we play cards, and study, thats it, we study a lot.
At my intern ship we had a grill out hosted by the set designer in the middle of the summer then after it was all said and done there was a viewing of the rocky horror picture show at the intern house (housing was provided if you were over hte age of 18) They said they were getting dressed up and I thought nothing of it. I was rather taking back by what they maniged to find in the custume room, and embaresed that I went to so little effort, wearing what I wore to work.

but at my high school after strike we go out to eat and there are partys after the shows but no one really makes plans.
omg rocky horror picture show... that was on late night tv when i got home a few weeks ago, i think that it has damaged me forlife... men in tights and makeup inst my cup of tea :|
well the host in the movie sat night next to me in fish net stockings a vest and a very short swim suit but after working side by side on 5 shows over 3 months you get by thoose little things quickly.
well, I would go out and party or something after shows, but being only 15, and having parents who think tht 9 is a good time to be home, it's really hard to even stay light to help strike a set, much less go eat pizza or something afterwardss. And everyone freaks out when you play with lighters too. :(
soundman said:
well the host in the movie sat night next to me in fish net stockings a vest and a very short swim suit but after working side by side on 5 shows over 3 months you get by thoose little things quickly.
was the host of the movie a guy or a girl?

JahJahwarrior, im 15 too but i dont think ive ever gotten home from a night of tech before 9:00 tonight i was there until 10 and that was just a rehersal for something we rented the school for, after shows, we usually are done with strike by 9 or 10 the whole cast and crew usually go to a nearby diner to eat socialize relax and for once, not worry about deadlines.
your parents must be alot cooler than mine in the tech department!! :) my dad thinks I ought to shut msyelf in my room and do nothing but study math for the next 20 years.

This play though, I will plan a crew thing to do, so my parents will let me!
Does anybody else run into the problem in HS about some students feeling the need to get REALLY messed up after shows? It just makes it no fun when you have to spend the whole night taking care of kids who are puking up their guts...A good crew party could be fun..but i am somewhat jaded as in my town it normally means exessive drinking.
soundman.... ew

no we dont drink after shows, if anyone does, its not alot, not nearly enough to be puking over
and jahjahwarrior, i stay up really late, so for my parents to make me come home early would just be stupid, i wont b sleeping anyway... especially not after a good show.
man you guys suck. im 16 now and a junior. are strikes are on closing night after the show. we get done around 3am. and then go out for coffee and stuff and watch the sun come up. the professional theatre i work at in the summer we go down to this bar place after and hang out. everyone usually has a drink or few. i havent. its always a fun time though.
I avoid parties and drinking (except water) always. If you ask me its a dumb thing to do, I know too many people who have gotten hurt bad or messed up their lives by drinking. I live almost 45 mins away from my school, and when i have someone else working with me, they could very well live 45 mins in the other direction. Considering that the nearest real pizza place is 30 mins in the direction away from everyones houses, it gets to be too much of a bother to have any kind of tech nights. If anything we'll bring candy to school and eat it on stage (where not much can get hurt by a spill) or in the lobby. Of course that happens once in a blue moon, because most of the time I really dont have a crew... It's just me for most of the shows I do. (only really have a crew for bigger shows a few times a year)

so ya, i often sit alone at my kitchen table at 11 pm or later when i get home and have a nice big party for myself as i eat supper! (homework fits in during shows that i dont have to do much for other then setup and take down, and into the wee hours of the morning)
well when i was in high school, on friday nights after a show, all the techies would go to denny's, and usually that's when most of the old techie alum come to see the show so we hang out and talk, and catch up on old times, then saturday since our TD wouldn't let us strike after the show, so we would go to the company party, with cast/tech, everyone involved, and have some fun, then all the techs leave togeather and we go to a parking lot and make a bon fire with our cue sheet, prompt books everything, it's a fun way to end the show. and as far as alchol, we might have a drink or 2 but don't get drunk.
we generally go to the diner after every show with the people involved, but on closing night we go to the cast/crew party.
Heres a better question, do any of you 'bond' with the crew out side of the show like play mini golf or bowl? I hang out with some friends from crew but not every one, I was woundering id anyone did this as a unit. ALso for this show there must of been some strong anti-actor feelings becasue every time we got notes the "its not us VS them thing" came up. SO what about the cast?
well up until this last year when i graduated the techs were one big family, we were always togeater, hung out at one of the local coffee shops a lot, there isn't much of an actor vs techie feud, we didn't hand out as much with the actors as with the other techs, but we didn't have any problems. As far as college, everyone acts, i'm the only 100% techie at my school, so i hang out with the actors a lot, most of them treat me like a god, cause i'm the only tech, it's kind of funny.

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