Crew Roles


Well-Known Member
Sound Designer
Sound Engineer A1
Monitor Engineer
Mic Wrangler A2
FOH Operator
Lighting Operator
Board Operator
Lighting Programmer
Lighting Designer
Associate Lighting Designer
Assistant Lighting Designer
Assistant to the Lighting Designer
Head Electrician or Master Electrician
Lighting Director
Spotlight Operator
Dimmer b!tch (may be male or female)
Truss Climber
Stage Hand
Fly Operator
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Deck Chief
Deck Electricians
Deck Carpenters
==Other Roles==
Automation Tech
Crew Chief
expand on the list as much as you want
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Isn't this glossary listing kind of redundant? It seems that the Glossary is better served by putting all of these things as their own listing with a definition. Might be just me, but I don't understand the purpose of this article.
Well, I agree it would be beneficial to have a separate glossary for each, but this page could serve as a link to each individual.

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