Okay. I feel like a total n00b having to ask this, but I'm renting some audio equipment for an even this Thursday and Friday. I rented 4 x 18" subs, 4 x 12" (2 way) powered speakers, an amp for the subs. They said I'd need a crossover, and threw a Behringer stereo 2-way crossover into the rental for us.

I've never needed to use a crossover before... so I have a few questions. What is a crossover..what does it do? How do I hook it up??

Thanks everyone!

A crossover is a device that takes an input signal, and splits it based on frequency to two or more outputs so the speakers handle an appropriate range of frequencies. You'll connect the output of your board to the crossover, and then connect the subs to the low output, and the other speakers to the high output. Let us know if you have any more questions.
As Mike said, trhe Behringer is an active crossover, meaning it doesn't go between the amp and speakers, it goes between the board and amps... high to the powered speakers (built-in amps), low to the amp you got for the subs.

The powered speakers are pretty-much full-range. The subs are there to add extra thump, not to take over ALL the bass. As such, you should probably set the crossover frequency at somewhere between 100-150 Hz. Much higher and the sub amp starts clipping because it's trying to dump power into the subs at frequencies they don't handle that efficiently. Much lower and you may as well not have subs - you're making the mains do most of the heavy lifting.

John, thanks for the clarification. I've never personally had to set up a crossover (our house system was preset by Maryland Sound & Image), so I would not have known at what frequency to cross over from the subs to the mains.
Okay! Awesome :) Thanks for the help. The only thing remotely close to that, that I've used is our Yorkville Elite Processor... takes the signal in, splits it into 2 ways, then goes to the amp/powered speaker.

Thanks again!

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