Crucible Lighting Design


I'm getting ready to design lighting for the Crucible. I have very little in the way of possible equipment. I'm talking about using portable dimmer packs and maybe up to 12 lights for everything. I would also need to rig more pipes. Any help is greatly appreciated.
i saw a great production of the crucible in sheffield (UK) and they used mainly a straw wash with a white wash at points. They also had some really effective spots and a few birdies up at the front on the stage itself to give the actors these huge sahdows during some of their long speeches or redemption/confession etc.

sorry aboput the vague desc. but it was 3 years ago now. :roll:

hope i helped :wink:
I designed this show awhile back. I had four fresnels and a tonne of those horrible yellow work lights. I used the fresnels as a general wash. We mucked up the work lights and persuaded the director to get the actors to move the work lights around on the floor to various spike marks. We took the grill off and added two mounts for a par 64 size gel frame. The actors moved the lights and changed the gel during the various scene changes. All things considered it acutally looked quite interesting...

Not sure if that helps...
Good Luck.
fhs-tech, where are you located? i know a couple people that could be of great help depending on your locatoin
I'm in dayton, Ohio. Although if your resources are resonably close, i don't mind a fun drive.
We're reading the Crucible now and I think I'm gonna try to get my theatre department to do it. If you watch the movie it might give you a good idea. The one that just came out adds some stuff in the beginning but then other than that its actually VERY true to the book. Some of the lines in the movie are just taken right out of there. Alot of the time like in the courts the girls yell and scream about seeing spirits. Maybe like a very powerful and bright red like, with a gobo or something (like a light from hell) would be good for these parts when there are supposed to be spirits attaching the girls.


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