Cryogenic solenoid valves

Does anybody know of any sources for good cryo valves. I am working on some effects, but cant really find a good source for valves. The tanks are 2000psi. They sell the cryojets from lemaitre, but at $1100.00 a unit its just not reasonable, plus I figured someone heres done it before.


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Take a look in grainger or mcmastacar, I am not sure the max PSI of the selenoids in there, but it will be a good place to start.
yea, footer ive looked around, thanks for the direction. Im hoping someone has done this before and has a little more information about thread size ex ex.


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You might be better off searching the internet for cryogenic valve manufacturers, and then giving them a call. Looks like stainless steel is the normal material and the valve stem packing/sealing is significantly different from a typical normal temperature /low pressure valves. (No wonder they are so expensive.)


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