CS-800 and 3 phase reverse


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What is the reason for a CS-800 to be in reverse at times?
ex: same building and setup; Transformer? or generator? ( only has a twistlock and camlock- electricity coming from the building) connected to a distro and then to CS800.

the key on the CS800 when turned to ABC it is in the correct phase (' right way up and down') but sometimes the key needs to be turned the other way to CBA to be the 'right way' ( phase reverse)

what is the reason for this?
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If you have 3 phase motors in the system (hoists, etc.) that have directional controls ("UP-DOWN") the motor must be powered by the correct phase rotation in order for the controls to indicate properly. (It would run if phase was reversed but the control indication would be reversed, which might confuse some.) Maybe your "CBA" is the motor's "ABC." Single phase loads on the system won't care.
example on the install CS800 is turned to ABC ( running in the correct phase , correct directonal control) cs800 C5 is disconnected and on the dismantle, CS 800 is plugged back in , only this time the CS 800 needed to be turned to CBA. ( phase reversed). (1)what caused this?

(2) also what is the equipment called ? the equipment that is drawing power from the building and powers up the distro. ( the box ~ 4ft tall and 2 ft wide, it only has a twist lock - connected to the building power and camlock - only one way connected to the distro)
Sounds like Christie supplied the gear, have a look on their website to find the components of the kit. https://www.christielites.com/distros/228w2w39w10w

To answer 1 the most likely cause would be a C5 cable wired with two phases reversed. I have also worked in a few convention centers where the floor pockets are not wired consistently so depending which supply you use you might have to flip the phase. A few years ago I was on a tour that had 8 CS800 distros on a truss, I bought a phase rotation detector and we would check phase at the rack and correct it their rather than turning all 8 key switches. I think I paid less that $50 for it on amazon.
Something I believe not yet mentioned...when used with the "wrong" phase order, a hoist's over-travel limit switches will not engage. It's easy to break something or run out of chain when used in this condition. https://www.controlbooth.com/threads/importance-of-phase-rotation-on-chain-hoists.46826/
Without digging out any of my C-M hoist manuals... IIRC the limit switches are on the first phase line (usually black). They get power no matter what, but if the hoist is running in the opposite direction, they will have no effect.

Also maybe noteworthy, as I saw this first hand: brand new C-M hoists (can't vouch for brands) do not have limit switches set; that's up to the installer/first user to set. It is possible to run the chain completely out of the hoist or all the way to the hook. Since the C-M back order sheet is getting smaller I think (hope) many of us are finally receiving hoists we ordered over a year ago. Remember to check your limit switches!

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