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Custom image projector

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by djmx, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. djmx

    djmx Member

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    Somebody knows some company or person that makes custom lighting systems and image projectors? (gobos or slides) I have an idea for a personal project. :grin:
  2. gafftapegreenia

    gafftapegreenia CBMod CB Mods

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    Screw gun for hire
    How much are you willing to spend?

    That said, take a look at this neat little package from

    SHARYNF Well-Known Member

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    there certainly are places where gobo's are the way to go, BUT if you want to go beyond off the shelf solutions for the images the prices start to climb to the point where if you want full color you are typically looking at 500 dollars or so for the image.....
    SO again depending on what you want to do, a slide projector that these days you can get for next to nothing using a standard slide is a possiblity OR
    using a projector and a computer based image.

    In general IMO if the image does not need to move and custom color is and advantage then a NON gobo solution makes sense.

    If on the other hand you want to have the image move either via a moving head or scanner then gobo's are the way to go or if you are using patterns in your lighting for an effect, like the GAM series then go gobo.

    Again just a thought
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  4. djmx

    djmx Member

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    My basic idea is a powerful outdoor slide projector (6x7 slides) with a rotatory system for 6 slides (similar to the image sample) 2500w/240,000 lumens, with UV/IR filters (cold mirror/hot mirror, etc) and an aggressive cooling system.

    I would use special Ilfochrome/Cibachrome film (polyester substrate)

    -Heat resistant
    -Extremely fade resistant
    -High color saturation
    -High contrast
    -Hi-res (16k)

    This special film is used in large format professional systems like: Pani, Pigi, Hardware Xenon, Stark, Griven, etc.

    In fact the system is mechanically very simple and the filters and fans are not expensive.

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