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Hey there, this site is great, just found it, you've got lots of really good topics on here, i myself am an amature drama SM / Sound Engineer, and thing this place is really useful. I saw some people were looking for cheap sound systems. Well our amdram group, in yorkshire are always looking at ways to cut costs, means we can spend more on set dressing at the like. For our last production about a month ago we looked around for some software to run the show, we used to use Windows Media Player for some SFX, but it never worked that well. We found this company who have written some software especially for people like us. Means we didnt need to hire in lots of gear this last time. Saved us a bomb, just thought id pass it on to you anyway as a welcoming gesture, think their site was or something, really cheap it was too, just meant we had to use me laptop too, which was ok, we could play games at the interval which is always good....

Anyway hope someone finds this snippet of info useful.


Just to let you know the site has been updated so that the demo is now for 15 minutes which gives you more time to play with it, and of course you can run it for 15 minutes as many times as you like. You can now also pay in USD, which may be useful seeing as your a US site.

Hi, im quite new around these parts so first of all hi. Im a stage management student in London (UK)and just about to go into my second year of the course. Really enjoying it, as we all do i imaging. Just really wanted to reccomend this piece of software, a friend showed it to me and i was impressed. I know there are others like it, but this does what it says on the tin, and its relatily cheap which i like :). Anyway if you want some software to mess on with for mixing shows or just at home then its good. Think it has a record feature to now! Anyway enough of that, yeah its good to be here, and ill keep checking the site to see what people are chatting about.

Hey gang,
Seeing as there hasn't been anything new posted in this thread that isn't reiterating old things, and that both posts were made by first time posters whose only posts were plugging this program, and who both posted from IP addresses on the same ISP, both have similar writing styles, not to mention that there's at least one other suspicious coincidence leading me to suspect that both of these posts were made by the creator(s) of the program and not independent users, I'm going to go ahead and close this topic.

If you're in the market for this sort of program, check it out for yourself and make your own call, but I don't want to see this thread keep getting bumped to the top by biased sources posing as uninvolved bystanders (am I the only one finding it funny that the latest post not only tells us [again] how great it is in similar language, but conveniently slips in a mention of a major new feature?).

Again, I can't say for certain that's what's happened here, but it seems likely, so while I'm not going to delete it or anything like that, I think what's been posted already is enough to get interest from those who may be, and the only posts on this topic in the last month and a half are, if not suspicious, certainly repetitive.

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