CYC fixture w/a gel scroller...?


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Wybron makes scrollers of many sizes, so it could've been them. They make large-format scrollers and such, including one for S4 Par strips, one for 8-lights, one for 9-lights, and a "large-format" scroller for other large fixtures.


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I remember seeing something like that at USITT last time I was there, but for the life of me I can't remember who makes it, though I think multiple companys do.


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Could be about any single cell cyc that could house a scroller thus become a cyc with multitides of options for color.

EEK! where I work just purchased a large amount of single cell cycs for some show, are we working on the same project?

That's a late night joke attempt. Lots of single cell cycs on the way for some unknown project but for this or any project I have ever heard of, I'm not aware of anyone ever mounting a scroller on a cyc light. The general idea of a cyc light is to do the color blending by way of the fixture and it's primary colors not some scroll of gel which would scroll not blend. Scrolling between colors is by far different than blending to them. Could work but it would be very different in a using a PAR instead of a Leko type of way.

Agreed with the scroller plate concept. Very possible to mount a scroller on a single cell cyc fixture and make it into a useful fixture the same as say a three cell cyc.

No doubt more expensive and much less able to color mix and match but very possible to do.
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