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cyc light

Discussion in 'Wiki' started by NickJones, Apr 21, 2009.

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    A floodlight style fixture, used with gel (often a combination of red, green & blue, sometimes with white or amber) to mix colors on a cyclorama. Uses a J-shaped, asymmetric reflector to evenly spread out the light over a cyc. Care should be taken to hang the fixture correctly so that the reflector is properly oriented. If lighting from the top, the lamp goes at the top; if from the bottom, the lamp goes at the bottom.

    The Runtâ„¢ by L&E

    Cyc lights may be either hung from a batten at the top, or as cyc footlights or electrics ground row either on the deck or in a cyc trough.

    See this thread for some interesting discussion:
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