Dataflash Issues (please help, next show in 2 days)


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So i've got a lonely original dataflash sitting here next to my nice new shiney AF1000s. The problem is, I can't get the **** original dataflash to work with any controller around. i've got a *random* DMX512 controller here that seem to work w/ every fixture I throw at it except the original dataflash. The AF1000 controller doesn't seem to like the original dataflash, either. Is this thing even programmable to a normal network? Anybody know anything about this (channels, etc.).

It doesn't do the startup test when I plug it into a board, so its recieving some sort of signal. I can't seem to get past that point in my troubleshooting.


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As best I can remember, the original Dataflash is NOT capable of listening to DMX, only the Lightwave Research "Dataflash Controller"--NOT the same as an AF1000 controller.

Attached is the user manual dated August, 1989. <File too big for control booth.> Here's a link to it on my site, it's 3.4Mb.

Hope this helps, but I'm afraid it's not the answer you wanted.


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Just got off the phone with the HES team (of which, nobody has worked for HES in 10 years). Turns out, nothing can communicate with the old dataflashes. My AF1000 controller would need a different EEPROM which would make it incapable of controlling AF1000s and the old dataflash will work with nothing else.
Anybody want to buy an old dataflash?


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We were gifted one of these original dataflashes, along with its control console. Has anyone messed with the serial port? The instructions reference its location, but provide no further information regarding it.

The actual remote pins are similar to midi connections, but I have not found my midi cable to see if it might be compatable. It might be the closest thing, since there are referenced instructions regarding the remote ports, though I'm not sure the midi sends the adequate voltage signal. I dunno, any thoughts on the subject?
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Just so its out there, this is a 2 year old thread, the show already happened...

Otherwise, post away.

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