Deane & Balderstons Dracula


Hey everyone I’m forwarding a message that a friend of mine sent me and I was wondering if any of you have some insight.

"Heres the deal
The play is Deane and Balderstons dracula.
Regarding the scene where Dracula dissappears down the trap door and
it appears that they guys are holding Dracula because there is some
sort of wire framing under the cape that gives the appearance of a body.

I was given the chore of creating the frame. They first gave me that
green stiff clothesline wire to make a frame out of.I didnt think this
would work but tried it anyway. This worked in a minautre version, but
the full scale version bent under the fabric.
I cant imagine that ours is the only theatre to attempt to do it as
scripted, with a trap door....but perhaps it is....?"

any ideas?


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Senior Team
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Few options, PVC and a heat gun, Rebar and a conduit bender, Conduit, all kinds of options. The PVC is easy to work with but does take some time, and the other two can be either really easy or very diffacult depending on your abilitys and tools.


Ive never done the show but the way he explained it to me I think the frame needs to collapse with the fabric so that when it is lifted, the frame isn’t exposed? Anyone do the show before?

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