Design finished and proportion drawing ?s


I just got my concept to work for me. This has taken weeks of drawing tiny thumbnails but I finally got it looking RIGHT. Aaahh I'm so happy. I haven't been able to sleep for two weeks because of this thing. My design is for "Jack or the Submission" by Ionesco and let me tell you. Designing it for one theatre and then having the director decide on a different space is NOT nice.

Anyone else here just have to draw and play with it until it looks right? Or do you all have your own methods?

Also: Does anyone have some good tips on proportion drawing at 45/30 degree angles?
Once designed a show for one space and did a little tinkering for it to fit in another. Given a different space, I will have been better off re-thinking the design because it was not very successful. I hope your design in the new space has better luck than mine.

Tinkering with the design in refining it is common I think to make mental picture work with reality and the inverse of this.

Isometric, Oblique, Cabinet, Auxiliary or Perspective? A good drafting book and lots of practice would in general be the tip. After that what type of proportion drawing?

Try this, first sketch with a straight edge a rough drawing of what you want to see. Pin it up at the top of the drafting table. Than get a large sheet and start in the center and work your way out from there. This is a rough drawing so you don't have to be incredibly neat. Refine this drawing and if necessary trace it to a more clean rough drawing that you than tape under your finish drawing and trace it in place where you want it. It's a little more easy to do than following the text book steps normal to centering such drawings.

Mostly you could just proportion your design to the second space unless it is radically different from the previous one. Otherwise I'm like you... Start from the ground up again. I had a chance to do "Pterydactyls" by Nicky Silver but because the director left we had to change the show to "Streetcar Named Desire" boy was that a change!
I would suggest u learn Vectorworks for speed of drafting and getting cooler presentation angles for production meetings. Otherwise you can find some good books on draftings. Try Gillette for that he might help... but I'm not sure

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