Designer/director/singer Dean Anthony...


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... in conversation with my friend Tony Mobley*.

Dean Anthony is a singer, designer, and director who, among other things, has undertaken recovery as part of his repertory and he speaks candidly of how both his addictions and recovery affected his creative process and working with others in this Conversation.

*Back story - Tony is retired educator, tech user/enthusiast, who started "Conversations with Tony Mobley" for a different purpose: getting older, particulary churched folks comfortable with using technology for remote worship and education. His guest list leans to the arts, educators, and folks you'd not associate with his original target (though they've not been forgotten).

Behind the Scenes: CWTM is all remote-production by a real time crew in Germany, USA, UK, Israel, maybe more. The video switch, the 2/3/4 ups, the lower thirds, the Q&A... all built using software (, Isadora, Streamweaver, Mukana®, ZoomOSC and ZoomISO) that can physically reside anywhere and hardware that can communicate over local or wide area networks. It's pretty trick.

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