Desklamps Not Working - Event Plus 60/120

It is most likely that the lamp is using different pins to the desk. For instance, the lamp may be wired between pins 1 and 2 and the desk may be supplying voltage to pins 2 and 3 (or any variation of).

First thing to do is turn on the lamp and them meter between the pins on the lamp to find out which pins are connected to the lamp.

Then check which of the pins on the desk are supplying voltage (if you cannot remember from when you checked it before).

If there is a mismatch between the configurations, you will have to see if you can modify the lamp (or the desk) whichever you feel is the easiest.

I had to rewire one a few years ago due to this.

Also, just check that the actual bulb is ok. You would not be the first person to buy a faulty bulb.

Just another thought, am I correct in thinking that the Event + desks allow you to dim the desk lamps? If so have you checked to see that the setting for this has not been dimmed down or turned off?
I already tried rewiring one to what should match up with the desk. I did check that the desklamps were set at full on the console. Would anyone know if it is possible to find the desks pinout in any of the events manuals?
Simple way is to use a multimeter (or even a 12V globe and 2 wires) to find which 2 of the 3 pins send the voltage to the lamp.

If you don't have the means to check this, PM me your email address and I can send you the service manual once I get into the workshop.

Other than that, would have a .pdf copy of the user manual, which may list which pins carry the voltage to the lamps.

BTW - since you are shopping at Jaycar, are you in Aus or NZ?
while we are on the subject of desk lamps... did either of you two see the new LED Littlelite's and Entech this year? they are pretty awesome, 3 white LED's and 2 red LED's - the white was too piercing apparently and the red helps ballance it all out, but you can customize it, and have just red or just white hahaa...

i have a jands event 48 and 24 desks, they both have the original desk lamps that came with them however i had a desklamp from jaycar also for my sound desk and it just would not work on the event, it had the same wire up and all... i dunno what the deal was, worked alright on the sound desk.. maybe events dont like jaycar :p

while I can understand that you might not want to buy a authentic littlelite, they are a bit in the pricy side... give jands a call and see how much theirs are... from memory they were about 60bucks or something... compared with a 120buck little lite ;)
Yellow_Fuzzy - did you meter the board output for the desk lamp?

I found out today that there is a common fault with the desk lamp output on these boards as the control circuit often blows. The simple mod is to lift the 12V wire from the lamp dim pin on the CPU board (bundled in with the connector marked power/Lamp) and solder it directly to the 12V pin on the power output.

The disadvantage here is that the lamp cannot be dimmed from the desk any more.

My advice - meter the output pins 1 (Gnd) and 3 (12V) first and see if this is the case. If you have other lamps that are working correctly, then this is not your problem.
good work mayhem.. maybe you will have a solution to this..

on one of my events, when you set the desklamp to FF (Full) it dims right down to about 20%, however when you put the lamp onto 99% it runs at full kick.

its a good problem, will keep you occupied for a while, its got me beat!
dj_illusions said:
good work mayhem.. maybe you will have a solution to this..

on one of my events, when you set the desklamp to FF (Full) it dims right down to about 20%, however when you put the lamp onto 99% it runs at full kick.

its a good problem, will keep you occupied for a while, its got me beat!

:? hmmmm - wait until it fails and then do my mod 8)
hmm great idea ... lol think i might have to. jands charge through the ass to fix stuff... they want 5bucks to replace one of those magnet strips you write on... i was like ahhh how about no!
For the magnetic strips - go to a signage place that does the magnetic signs for vehicles. They will probably have off-cuts that you can get to do the job.

Yellow_Fuzzy – I made an error when quoting the pins for the desk lamp power. I took this information off of the board that I was working on at the time, which had been rewired (obviously to support a non-Jands lamp).

The service manual lists the factory wiring spec as pin 2 GND and pin 3 12V. You have probably already seen this in the service manual I sent you. However, I would still recommend metering the pins.

Hope this helps you both
Pin 2 as Ground? Now there is some manufacturer messing with the customer’s minds in keeping their product as a end user product. I would re-wire fixture and equipment to a more sensible pin one as ground given I think this is Little Light and it being the standard is the standard.

Along with the dimmer pot failing and frequently also the transformer itself, are Little Light fixtures that expensive? Best price around in the market. In any case, if a little light has a bad dimmer or transformer it’s full warranty which means free replacement.

As for LED, some of the newer light boards have them. Still have the same basic problems at times with the wires pulling loose from the XLR terminal or lamp base as Little Light fixtures. Both are to some degree fixable if the problem is not in the pot or transformer. Ok, lamp base problems are a major pain in the rear to fix but doable.

Also the Q-5 Little Light lamp is nothing more than a standard Osram #64111 lamp or Ushio JC12v-5w/BA9s lamp when found at a cheaper price elsewhere as a specific lamp and not one specifically sold as a Little Light lamp at a higher cost frequently on the same advertisement.

McMaster Carr and Grainger also sell magnetic strips.
Agree with you on the manufacturer trying to ensure that you buy replacement desk lamps from them. However, as is the case in the board that I am referring to, the rewiring had been done to make it standard.

So this also supports the initial post about desk lamps from Jaycar not working.

With regards to the dimming circuity failing - this is in regards to the on board dimming for the Event and ESP boards. It is done electronically at the circuit board. Nothing to do with the little lights. Or did I misunderstand you and are you in fact reporting a problem with the little lights?
Ahhhh humble Jaycar.

In our local Jaycar, they employee a couple of kids, must be maybe 15 or 16, neither of them know the first thing about electronics.
Its about a minute from the local theatre complex so at bump-ins we will frequent the store and some of the weird stuff I have heard those kids say in regards to a request for a replacement part for a sound or lighting desk, its hilarious!

I prefer to use Altronics, I have found that they are slightly cheaper, and I get it delivered cheaper than Jaycar wanted to deliver.
I have attatched some pics of the inside of my desk (without the mod) might help yellow_fuzzy or anyone else who plans on doing something similar.




Hopefully whatever I just did works, if not PM me and I will send them to you =)
Just a quick note - if you do the mod, don't use the +12V on the main connector (pic 1). You take the Desk lamp +12V Dim (pink wire) and solder it to the Alternative 12V source (pic 2).

Jands are very helpful and even label all the pins, so it isn't too difficult.

Any mods that I do, I type up onto a label and place it on the case. In this particular situation, I would put the sticker on the back panel, close to the desk lamp socket.

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