Dichroic Theater


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I've seen the ColorCommand Par from High-End Systems. It looks like an awesome (and expensive) light. I know we haven't discussed dichroic theatre much on this forum... What do you guys (and girls) think about it?


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Don't know, has anyone used one or seen it at a LDI type convention? My observation of it was very limited.

It's kind of loud and large for a non-mover. Think we bought like 12 of them but beyond the sample that sat in front of my desk for a week, I did not really see them in use and they are on tour right now. Best 750w lamp in the industry however. Has direct uses for non S-4 based Lekos.
I'm on the fence as to it's usefulness however. Given it does beam angle changes and color changes, a Moving light can do about the same thing. Granted if I remember right it's self dimming which most moving lights would not be short of using filters to do this. Cheaper than a VeriLite on the other hand such as a ?VL-6 which I think is made for this purpose. But more expensive than a bunch of par cans with scrollers or more modern color faders given you have dimmer channels available. For me the use of this fixture was just kind of limited but that's my own opinion.

For the money, unless you have a good sized budget, I personally would pass on it but it depends upon your needs etc. Lots of debate about it on Lighting Network in the past. I would look there before I bought one.


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are we talking about dichoric filters or something completely different? :?:


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Basically the use of Dichroic Filters and automated washes for theatrical effects.

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