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Did some searching, no dice: Venue Management software?

Discussion in 'Stage Management and Facility Operations' started by stolympiakos, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. stolympiakos

    stolympiakos Member

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    PAC Manager
    Austin Metro, Texas, United States
    I manage a fairly active PAC within a school district (so small budget). We book outside rentals fairly frequently to supplement our costs, and staff our facility with student workers and professional staff when needed. In an ideal world, the software I'm looking for would do the following:

    • Multi Venue booking (we have three/four spaces in our facility, depending on needs).
    • Staffing of these events (both volunteer and paid)
    • database of workers for these events (or them all having access to it)
    • Production Management Calendar

    I got a look at a couple of older threads, and saw ArtsVision, but that's going to be wayyy out of my price range, and it seems the other options in the main threads mentioned only discussed the staff management aspects of this. We run somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 events in an academic year, and being able to keep track of everything needed for this would make my life so much easier. Any thoughts or any homebrew solutions people may be running? I know Google Suite can do a great many things, but I'd like to see what people have come up with .

    Thanks everyone!
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  2. YesItWillWork

    YesItWillWork Member

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    Electrical Engineer/Theatre Technician
    New Zealand
    As you've found there are some software packages that do these kind of things (and a whole lot more) but they tend to very much be at the expensive end of the spectrum. Some of the names that come to mind are ArtsVision, Artifax, Ungerboeck EMBS, and EventPro.

    I can't speak to all of your needs but there is a lot of power in Google Suite (particular if you have someone that can write some scripting) if your needs are reasonably simple. For example we use a Google Sheet that I developed for rostering our small team of 7 technicians. Events needing staff are put into the spreadsheet and each person has a column with a colour code system (Available, not available, please do this one, and confirmed). In the background there is a script I wrote that synchronises the confirmed shifts into individual google calendars that are shared to each person so they get the shifts they are confirmed for straight to their phone calendars. This works well for us since we all use google calendar anyway. It also has the option of sending each person an email to notify them of new shifts or details changing though we tend not to use that so much anymore.
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  3. Ben Stiegler

    Ben Stiegler Active Member

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    Consultant, A1, System Designer, Prod Mgr, TD
    Sf Bay Area
    What abt ? I think it’s got those functions!
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  4. Dionysus

    Dionysus Well-Known Member

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    Technical Director
    London, Ontario, Canada
    Both theatres I work for have been using spreadsheet based solutions for their multiple venues.
    One is a national theatre running two venues, 3 rehearsal spaces and its shops.
    One is a fair sized community theatre with two venues, 3 rehearsal spaces, shops.

    for the community theatre I use google drive, and have a open to view link to the folder holding the schedule spreadsheets. Nothing too complicated and Id love to improve it but I just don't have time to dig into that.
    Just looked at virtual call board and it looks pretty good, but not sure how well I can convince the powers that be to switch AGAIN and pay for another service.
    Honestly I'd love to switch ticketing services if we could find one that gave us better service for the same price. at least they are local.
  5. cnnrward

    cnnrward Member

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    Portland, OR
    I've been looking into propared, pricing is based on the size of the management team, so that will be the primary factor. It looks to have all the features.

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