Dimmers not responding correctly


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Recently for a muscial that i did the lighting for at my highschool, we had an issue with a dimming module, 1 dimmer would be controlled by 2 channel sliders when it is only possible for it to be patched to 1 channel and also as one of the dimmers in that module would fade up (the one to the left, the modules are ETC sensor D20s) and that would be normal, but as soon as we tried to fade up the second dimmer in the module seperately, the first dimmer and the second dimmer would fad up together
is this a patching problem or a rack problem?


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Please provide more information as type of lighting desk you were using to control this.

Double check your patching on the desk, just in case. It sounds more likely to be a dimmer module.

After getting peremission from the person in charge and with the help of someone confident in this work ie school electrician. Swap the ?faulty module with another module in the rack, after powering rack off, safety ... Then power up the pack and test both modules. If the fault stays on the same channel numbers then it is a control problem either in the rack controller or desk. If the fault moves to the channels where the ?faulty unit is then it is in that module. The servicing should only be done by a trained technician.

remember safety first the racks can kill you.
I'm not sure if this is possible at your school. If you have two signals being sent to the same dimmer rack, it will go a bit crazy. This happened when we had an analog and digital signal all up at once. Make sure there are no interferences with your signal.

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