Disappointment on Mackie tt24 Digital Live


I am working in a school in Hong Kong. I am very disappointed on Mackie delivery schedule for tt24 system 32, I have ordered the tt24 system 32 in August.

I receive all the cards and the tt24 late September. But my dealer in Hong Kong told me that Factory cannot ship the DS3232 to me.. What the... How can I order a mixer which ships more than 3 months time... Its really shame that such a large company cannot ship their product online and saying that the product is "Shipping Now" .... It even can't send one of the parts to Hong Kong..

Its really disappoint on me... I would not encourage people to buy Mackie Digital Product any more...

Apart from the Shippment, there is some problem on my tt24, Group 7 is not working, one of the LED on V-POT is fail, the Meter button is having bad contact... what the hell, how come yours dun check the equipment before shipping out....

Hope Mackie could solve my problem, we need to show, we dun want to pay HKD100,000 for something we can't use.


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If you had done your research you would have found out that is largely marketing hype and not worth it when you can get a Yamaha for like $3K more.

Big mistake, especially if you are that far from the home office.

Sell it now and save your remaining sanity.

(not speculating, I have used this and don't care for it)


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I second those remarks - get rid of it while you can, get a Yamaha LS9-32. You will thank yourself. The yamaha is more capable, and doesn't have as many known issues, and I have found (through real experience, not through heresay) that the LS9 is much better in terms of console layout and structure.

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