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I have a persistent issue where if I send a CD (or the lineout from an mp3 player, computer, etc) straight into our FOH console, the signal comes out sounding very distorted. By distorted, i mean vocals in particular you can barely here and the sound overall is very flat.

I have this problem running the deck through an Allen & Heath desk, and have also tried with a couple of Mackie boards laying around. Solution is to send the signal through a POS Yamaha DJ mixer and then the out from that into the console.

So the non working signal path is:

Deck --> A&H Desk --> EQ/Drive Rack --> Crown Amps --> Cluster

Working Signal Path

Deck --> Yamaha DJ Thing --> A&H Desk --> EQ/Drive Rack --> Crown Amps --> Cluster

I'd like to lose the goofy DJ Mixer, but, it does something or other to the signal and it's all hunky dory as a result. Forget the brand of the EQ, it's a semi-auto unit, actual sliders are there, but you can put it in program mode and they're all motorized. Has a compressor, feedback drestroyer, some other trinkets on it as well. Crown amps, don't know the model offhand ... they're driving 3x2200W speakers is my understanding. I believe the amps are blue in color. This gear is not really my alley ... I just turn it on and it all works.



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maybe the cables?


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What kind of cable are you using? If the cable is a Belden mini stereo male to dual RCA males throw it out right now!!!
If you are connecting the CD player to your desk using a stereo 1/4 to dual RCA cable, then you could be suffering from phase cancellation. I would suggest that you either switch the cable for two Mono 1/4 to RCA cables into a stereo input or if you know how to solder then you could build one of these Patch Boxes also known as a summing mixer to solve your problem. Hope this helps.


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I know from experiance that using a poor quality mini to phono adapter or RCA to phono adapter will definately screw up the sound. Some goes for equivalent cables. If you are using adapters like that, go over to radio shack and buy new ones. It has happened to me many times (assuming it is the same problem)


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inspector_gizmo ... thanks for the info. That's likely what's happening hear based on what I've read.

Cables are good, I don't bother on cruddy ones. Not worth wasting the money. You get enough crap ones unboxing consumer gear. They're RCA to 1/4" in this case. Generally speaking, the signal quality on the crap you get raped for at radio shack isn't anything to get excited over. At least, that's my experience being in a bind and running video over their crudd.

avkid - not sure what you have against Belden's products. Belden bulk cable is standard issue ... I'd imagine their connectors and consequentially adapters are of similiar manufacture.

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