Diversitronic 3000 240 volt high power strobe


I need to find a product manual for the older Deiversitronic Stobes model #3000. They are DMX and are 240 volt models. I am amazed I can not find a copy on the net, especially since they have been industry standard work horses. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I've taken a look at the Diversitronics website myself and tbh its not really very good. Certainly not aimed at the professional end user.

There is a manual for the new Mark 3600 strobe product, but no resources for the older DMX-3000 product, which as stated has been kicking around as an industry workhorse for years.
I would have expected to see not only a user manual but also a tech specifications sheet, exploded diagram and circuit diagrams for this product to assist those who maintain and repair the product.

I am in fact still looking around for a manual and though I have found one in german so far I have had no luck.

Will post a link as soon as I find an English language manual


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Many smaller, older companies are slow to become "internet savvy" and I think Diversitronics falls into that category. Good luck on finding a manual online, but I bet if you call them they could help you. Yes, as I thought, they're in Illinois. Phone (630) 833-4495.

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