diversity mics/squelch

i'm doing a show with lavalier mics and they keep cutting in and out. it seems to be when the diversity changes. it also happens when the actors sing, which leads me to believe it's something with the squelch. i can't find the manual to the mics...does anyone have any ideas about what i could do to stop the cutting in and out??? thanks.
Chances are that Google could help you out with that manual. If I recall correctly, mbenonis has expertise in wireless systems and so might be the one best able to help you.
If you know the make and model for your wireless mikes please post it here as it will make it easier for people to help.

The squelch setting will be on the receiver it would have to be set very high to drop out the signal.

Other things to check:
Does each receiver have its own set of aerials or do you have an aerial splitter system with just one set of aerials that then feeds the signal to each receiver. If it is the last make sure you check all the connections. Also try moving the aerials because they can be position sensitive eg don't have them hard against the wall.

Once the model of mikes is known someone might be able to direct you straight to the problem.
I've got some questions for you in return:

What are the make(s) and model(s) of the wireless systems?
How far from the stage are the receivers?
What kind of antenna distribution (if any) are you using?
How far apart are the antennas?
What frequencies are the mics on? And where are you located?
Can you post pictures of the rig?

Without knowing anything about your rig, there are a few things I can suggest. First, check to see that the gain is set properly on the bodypacks - it may be too low or too high. When the actor is singling full blast you should hit 0 dB on the receiver.

Also, check to see that your antennas have a 90 degree angle between them - they should NOT be straight up. The best orientation is pointing outwards at 45 degrees with respect ot the vertical.

Finally, try setting the squelch to its minimum setting. Squelch is like a gate on a microphone - when the RF drops below a certain level, it cuts it entirely so you don't hear random static. It's possible it's set too high and is causing it to drop out.
Lisa, we'd like to help out but we need more info! :)
sorry it took me so long to reply, i ended up moving the receivers outside of our booth, as the signal was not getting through the wall. i can give you the model anyway later when i get home to look them up. thanks for your help!

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