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DIY Gobos

Discussion in 'Collaborative Articles' started by NickJones, Jun 9, 2009.

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    While the results will not be quite as good as a stock or custom gobo manufactured by Gam, Rosco, Apollo, Lee, or Goboman, homemade gobos can be satisfactory when time or budget does not allow the purchase of manufactured units.

    There are many methods for making your own Gobos, here are some suggestions I found on CB. Please also bear in mind that making your own gobos, especially when using acid is dangerous. Please also beware that when using your home made gobos that they can snag and get caught inside the gate of your fixture.

    Soundman suggested this method:
    [MENTION=1526]Footer[/MENTION] suggested doing this with Radiator Grate, but this limits you the the shapes they come in. Some examples of available ones are:
    [​IMG] radiator-cabinet-grilles.jpg

    Quaterfront gave some advice on how to & why not to, make your own acid sketch gobos.
    Please if you do try this, remember to wear all the necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) before attempting this, and make sure it is done in a well ventilated area. Please also dispose of the acid in the correct way by phoning your local council and finding out the correct procedure for disposing of the acid and you try this at your own risk. As you have probably guessed, it is a lot of hassle to make your own.

    quarterfront also mentioned that Apollo will make your custom metal gobos for around $60 (US) so maybe if you are spending hours and hours on this, you may be able to buy them cheaper.

    Please add your ideas of material to make D-I-Y gobos from below:
    Pie tin
    Cookie sheet
    Pizza pan
    "Flashing"... in the roofing department at your hardware store comes in 20' rolls as well as small squares

    Another option is the Rosco Image Pro but this product has some major downsides. As it goes in the iris slot you may not get the crispness that you are looking for. The image can only be keystoned on the computer and therefore the light must be directly in front of whatever it is projecting onto.

    [imgl][/imgl]Another option is to use a Selecon Pacific. The Pacific range has a specialized cooling system that means that the gate of the fixture stays relatively cool, allowing gobos to be printed, via inkjet or laser printer, onto Overhead Projector transparency media, and then inserted into the fixture. The procedure is rather simple, make sure the fixture is using the blue base (not red) make your gobo on the computer, print it off to the size gobo you desire, place it into the Plastic Image Projection holder (Normal gobo holders will not hold them) and place it into the gate of your fixture. More detailed instructions can be found on this page of the Selecon website. As with the Rosco Image Pro the image can only be keystoned on the computer and therefore the light must be directly in front of whatever it is projecting onto.


    Another option that has been recommended; if you wish to have images, or colorful patterns, but don't have access to a glass gobo, Pacific, or Ipro, then consider using a projector, this can work very well especially if rear projecting.

    Images of Radiator Grate from McNichols
    Image of Selecon Pacific cooling system from SeleconLight

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