DMX Controller

Just a note on Trackspots. TRackspots use 7 or 8 channels to run depending on the version you have. So, depending on the number of dimmers and moving lights, a 125 channel board may not be big enough. I have also had some trouble running moving lights on a conventional board. I have had trouble with "homing" the fixtures, dealing with "tracking" cues, or with cross fades that work beter for conventional lights and not movers. You might need to record on submasters, or try multi-part cues to get what you want when using a conventional board. Chases are also not so easy to create when dealing with some stage looks and movers at the same time. Depends on your anticpated usage.

Hate to bring this up again, but last time I heard about pyro and DMX, it was illeagal to use DMX to triiger pyrotechnics. That means liability plus negligence which equals bigger lawsuits and more prison time. Maybe not for minors, but certainly any adult in a position of responsibility. Your instructors or the person requiring you to do this should be very worried.

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