DMX Foul up somewhere


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Ok so i go into school to day to do some pre-opening day work in the auditorium, make sure everything works. inventory lamps that need to be replaced ect.

So i come to check out my intel lights(crap lights, Accu Spot 250's and Concept 1's both made by American DJ). And i find out that they are not getting a signal from the board(doing random things like in sound act. mode or random mode). So i find this strange and i try to re-check the connections make sure they are all there and they are. I check the addresses and they match. So now i am stumped and have no idea what is going on. Any help would be appreciated.

We are also running them off a Colorton Inovator 48/96 desk(
Are the fixtures set to DMX mode?
like Radman said, check the mode of the fixture. I forget the menu's on American Dj gear or I would tell you exactly how to do it.
After writing that i decided to venture up to the cove above the aditorium to find out what had happened. So needless to say after crawling around in the dark for about 10min with nothing but my maglite i find the appears sometime over the summer a rat must have gotten a little hungry and started nibbling through my line. O well when school starts i'll get a freshie to re-run the line for me cuz that is somethign i dont feel liek going through again. lol
That would do it. Yup.

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