Control/Dimming DMX Software upgrade


Jun 1, 2012
Hey all. I am currently running DMXCONTROL (DMXControl - The intelligent lighting controller for your PC) off of my Windows PC with an entec dmx>usb controller. I am loving the program but it has its issues (mainly hanging on lighting transitions). I want to continue with pc based lighting control and am looking for a possible upgrade to my software. My only requirements are that it is compatible with an entec controller as my budget is...well...nonexistent lol. Currently running 46 lights (non moving). If anyone has any suggestions it would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Oct 7, 2009
Doesnt matter
The hanging on lighting transitions could be from not having a buffer on board the USB device, It relies on the computer for all the buffering. As far as software goes, there are several threads about free software that works with the open DMX devices, One that comes to mind is chamsys

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