Control/Dimming DMX Wiring Leviton Board


I have an old Leviton MC7008 board with the 5-pin DMX add-on. The wiring from the board to the back of the connector has come off though. I re-wired what I thought was the correct order, but I’m receiving no response from my dimmers. Does anyone know the PIN numbers for the wires that go to the board? Colors are purple, grey, black, light blue, dark blue.


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Only 3 of those do anything. Using a multimeter on a high-ohm scale, measure between each wire and the circuit ground on the board. One will be a dead short, that's pin 1. The other two will read something. one of those goes to pin 2 and the other to pin 3. If you get them wrong, no damage will be done but things will not work right. If that is the case, switch them.

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