Using DMX control I want to control the house lights in our church from two remote locations in addittion to the lighting console. How can I program three different faders to do the same task and if one fader is left full up will it prevent the other two from having any control? Thanks in advance. Ampacity
Architectural control station both for house lights and some pre-sets is stock amomgst many companies that will also tie into your light board control. Amongst them especially are the mentioned Strand, Colortran/Leviton, and ETC as a system that does DMX command for their control as opposed to using some form of shunt type or three way switch. There is no doubt others in similar technology that will once DMX communicate with any other brand of light board.

All most often will be very good products. Not cheap persay but universal in speaking with light boards and very useful in doing your job properly as you seem to want.

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