DMXGAFF is finally here!


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It's been a LONG TIME, but DMXGAFF is coming soon!



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My favorite part- "The DMX start address is factory set to a random number between 001 and 512. Therefore, since the DMX address is unknown to the user, an entire DMX Universe is consumed."


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We have stock*, call in for quotes!

*All quotes subject to availability. Actual stock numbers are 0. Expected ship date: ??? Actual pricing: ??? Please check back tomorrow...

Are you selling a knock off or the real thing? Your price is MUCH cheaper than the vendor. Doug Fleenor Design has it listed at $512. I don't see it listed yet at Production Advantage. I'm just a little leery of your pricing.
I was in a theater that was beta testing this but it was kept under heavy wraps. I got to see it from across the stage. I didn't get to touch it myself. Looking forwarding to getting my first roll.
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Awww, geez. Silly social media manager missed 2 zeroes. That's the cost for our special 8 unit case.


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