Do you know this lamp?

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Hansentd, Nov 11, 2015.

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    Looking for spare/replacement lamps for the projector below:
    KIMG0021.jpg KIMG0020.jpg
    Label on the top: 500W, 120V, GE, Mazda, Projection, Burn Base Down
    (Medium Screw Base)
    There appear to be some markings inside the bulb at the filament base, but I can't read them.

    Any takers? Thanks
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    Tricky because of the Edison base. Most projection lamps are Medium Prefocus bases. If you cross to another bulb, make sure you match the LCL of the lamp. (In other words, the center of the filament of the new lamp should be in the same optical position as the cent of the old one was. Unless you are into it for it's value as an antique, you may want to upgrade the base to a medium prefocus. Again, you want to make sure the location of the center of the filament does not change in the fixture.
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    From resident lamp guru @ship:
  5. ship

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    Thanks Derek for posting and doing my quick response (busy) forwarded.

    So now if the G-30 lamp won't fit, or won't have enough output in being a different filament type... time to measure up what you have for a completely different lamp and lamp socket so as to make it work. Assuming you want to make it work and the simple solution 400G30FL won't work otherwise. Might still be an antique bulb collector's forum out there. Was a forum I connected to at some point that does re-filamenting and etc. about lamps. Antique Lamp Collector's Forum? Sorry, lost my link to them. Such a forum can restore in membership experience your bad lamp, or possibly find some good lamps. Don's Bulbs' as a website also can overprice replacement lamps for your light as a solution. I did check my inventory and didn't have any of this lamp type.

    In conversion to another lamp to fuel the light:
    Need to change the lamp and lamp socket to the luminaire. (PC term)

    The assumed LCL of your lamp is 3" but what isn't known is tne lamp socket height that this lamp seats into for a platform height to re-design a lamp and socket from.

    Need to measure a screwed in lamp with fiament for measuring it's LCL as it were to the platform the lamp socket mounts to. Should be somewhere around 3" for the lamp L
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