Does anyone know of . . .


A CMY capable scanner or moving mirror . . . . I know there are some nice moving head CMY units . . . just curious . . .

Thanx for the info
High end CyberLights, Clay Paky Golden HPE's, I'm sure there are more from the big mfg's.

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There aren't too many CMY moving mirror fixtures out there that I've seen. The High End Systems Cyberlight is the only one that comes to my mind, which Ronald already said. I would think anywhere one could get a Cyberlight they could put a moving head fixture, or maybe even two, in that space. Perhaps High End's Trackspot2 had CMY, I'm not entirely sure, but it may have had it. That was discontinued though. There aren't too many moving mirror CMY fixtures, probably because moving mirrors aren't typically used for wash, and CMY is a feature more common on wash style lights.
Pretty sure one version of the Martin 1220 had it as well. My guess is that you're looking at an older fixture, and what was top of the line at the time. Not too many people even make a moving mirrors any longer. Maybe Elation still makes one. Also, try Robe, Coemar, and Clay Paky.

What about using LED, or color mixing products like HES Color Pro? You don't get the movement, but with the Color pro you do have color mixing.
Gonna use along with moving head wash units and standard moving heads . . . the main purpose for the CMY mirror units will be for narrow beam and super fast motion . . . and for only a few moments . . . to be used for live gigs in small to medium sized venues . . . so I may be looking at too much cost for a few "special effects" during the show . . . The Cyberlight from Martin is sweet but costly ! :) Thanx for the info . . . this forum gives me tons of ideas and my wife nightmares from all those ideas I get :)
Martin 1220 did have CMY, but the light sucks.

Martin PAL1200, HES Cyberlight, ClayPaky Stage Scan

As for cost, the Stage Scan may be the cheapest one, and maybe the PAL if you find one around. They're unmanly huge and heavy. Not to mention slow, and since no-one will use them you may get them at a low cost.

Moving mirrors kinda died lately, they'll come back soon.

PS: Cyberlight is made by High End Systems (aka HES), not Martin
Ooops . . . High End . . . not Martin . . . I was sleepy ;) I was just curious if there were any out there available for a decent price . . . CMY was just kind of a luxury . . . I don't like the "flicker" when the color wheel changes . . . no biggie . . . I guess overall I was just daydreaming . . . still am :wink:
Perhaps a few HES Color Pro fixtures would do the job for you. While they aren't moving lights they have CMY color mixing and can change colors pretty quick. In terms of optics they put out more light than I've seen out of a 250 wat lamp than I've seen from anything else. In numbers I would imagine they could make some nice effects. Just an idea out.
When a fixed CMY fixture is called for here's another alternative.


CMY Zoom575 from Elation.

MRS 575/2 lamp
13 to 29 degree zoom
10 DMX channels
ewards71 said:
CMY was just kind of a luxury . . . I don't like the "flicker" when the color wheel changes

Well, with propper presetting this can be avoided. I'm not a big fan of this myself, but I've learnt to program around it.

Personally if all you need are a couple good, affordable scanners, I'd go with Technobeams. I love those little things..pack a hell of a punch for 250W, smooth movement, fast, and nice gobos.
Inaki2 said:
Martin 1220 did have CMY, but the light sucks.

I only programmed them once, recently, in a club, but I liked them. Can you say why you don't like them (outside of the weight, which I totally get).
They have tons of mechanical issues, and they're just not efficient. If you open the light you'll notice the smallest metal reflector ever. If you strike the lamp, there's more light coming out the front of the unit than the lens. If you clean everything they get brighter, but not very realistic for any production to completely dessasemble a light to clean it every week or so.

And yeah...they're heavy!

They're old lights, I don't really expect much from them.
I like the Elation equipment . . . 75% of my stuff is Elation . . . can't wait to see all the new goodies they have been talking about on the Elation Forums . . . I also like Martin equipment . . . have had four of the MX-4's and really liked them . . . one got kinda "dumb" after a while . . . seems to have had issues . . . but I sold them to a group that needed them more than I did . . . some days ya kick yourself for letting the good stuff go . . . I need to save my pennies and snag some TechnoBeams . . . saw some used just this weekend at a gig here in town and was very impressed . . . nice output . . . quick . . . also saw some killer moving heads that were fast . . . not sure the make or model . . . but I just need to keep looking . . . and for now . . . work with what I have ! Thanx for the info . . . this forums is very very helpful and keeps me thinking :)
Technos are great, and you can probably find them used for cheap. Upstaging is selling a couple for $1800 ea. I can give you the contact info if you want it.

As for fast moving heads, dunno which you saw, but the fastest I've seen are the Vari*Lites, both the VL2000 and VL3000.
I'll second Technos being good moving mirrors. Their gobos are pretty good, and as for their weight and size, one person can hang them in most places. Two always helps, but in a pinch one can pull it off. No colo(u)r mixing on them, but mirrors aren't used for wash much anyway. They hold up pretty well also. They aren't made to be tossed from person to person like par cans, but they don't fall apart easily by any means. From what I've seen out of them something has to happen to them for them to stop working and I've been working around the same 4 Technobeams for over 3 years. They're a good fixture all around.

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