Dont forget the remote in your pocket


This happened to my teacher. During an awards ceromony at our school we have a presentation on a screen that is motorized. To control the screen you have a litle RF remote to lower and raise the screen.

So I gave the remote to the teacher responssible for the presentation so that he could lower the screen only when it was needed and then bring it back up when it wasn't needed.

Guess what? At the end of the ceromony during the grand final spaech by the Head Master the screen starts to come down..

I look at my teacher.. he looks back at me (not knowing why this was happening).. He eventuly figures out that he had the remote in his pocket and that he accidentaly pushed the button...


Just remember RF signals can pass through fabric and even walls if strong enough; so be careful!
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similar thing, i was at the rise festival assisting one of the sound guys, and i had a radio mic in my pocket. suddenly i hear this rustling and nasty stuff coming out of the main speakers. I rush back to the desk to see what i can do, and get told its my radio mic. Odd really. My mic was on mute....


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