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I would like to know in the next couple of days where I can down load some sound effects. I would like to get them to burn on to a cd. Thanks for any help you can give.
Wow! Pace yourself there, tm1000.:lol: Seventy-four posts in six years. Hope you weren't incarcerated or otherwise decapitated for a long time or something.

I keep running into this site on the internet. It's always the first hit when I'm doing really narrow searches but I can never remember my password for it and it's set to some really old email address. ha ha. Lets see how long I can vanish for this time!
Is it possible recover from being decapitated?! Pretty sure that is a permanent 'condition'. I think incapacitated is what was meant!:lol:

haha... that would be quite a trick though...

another SFX idea is to check with your local library for audio cds.
i happened to stumble upon an entire collection (like 40 cds worth) of sounds published by BBC.
Seems that some of our members need to read/produce/see Richard Brinsley Sheridan's play The Rivals.;)

/end hijack

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