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I'm getting ready to budget for cd players for my small junior college needs. I would like to hear what you have to say. This is what I'm needing. I need two cd players (I'm thinking I might just want a dual cd player), that will play multiple formats (including mp3), and that has few buttons (preferebly large ones). My students are beginning to run shows from a laptop...but I have highschoolers and others that need to use the space and need a really easy system to play their cds on. Because, the younger generation is starting to download more music than get at "wally-world"...I need it to play multiple formats. So, in essence...I want an Uber-friendly dual cd-player. What are your thoughts.


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I've used the Numark CDMix-1 on many occasions and find it very easy to set-up and use. I'm not sure if you're looking for something that is rack mountable, so that could be a drawback for this one. Here's the link:



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In starting my own business, I realized quickly that I was going to need money. I had DJ'ed a few parties in High School and College, so I bought a cheap DJ set up and started playing. A few years later, I DJ'ed more than 70 events in one year. I have used many, many dual and DJ CD players and have favorites. My favorite is the Denon S5000. It has all of the features that a good DJ needs. It is, however, not easy to use.

For a simple theatre set up, I would recommend keeping it fairly simple. Check out the lower level Numark players. I started with the CDN-22. It's controls are very simple and easy to use, it plays very well and is skip resistant, plays "burned" CD-R's, and is very dependable.

There are things to spend a lot of money on (wireless mic's for instance), but there are things that the extra money really doesn't get you much more. This is the case with the players. There is NOTHING wrong with the CDN-22.

I have also used the I-Pod and hard drive players, and was greatly dissapointed. I find them slow to load the next track and the sound quality lacking. I bought the Numark HD CD dual players with the built in hard drive. I was less than impressed, to say the least. I had a problem on several occasions with the players running very slowly and crashing. They also will not play burned CD's (even though they say that they will).


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I'm pretty happy with the Stanton C.500, which I bought for $199 at Guitar Center. The C.501 has mp3 playback capability for $100 more. The button arrangement has been easy enough for me to play cues during a show.

I also looked at the American Audio, but had to choose the Stanton because of the viewing angle of the LCD display -- Stanton has an above-level viewing angle, for control panels that are front rack mounted and at or below eye level, whereas American Audio has a below-level viewing angle for control panels that are top-mounted DJ-style and the face will therefore be at or above eye level.

I'm sure I could spend a lot more, but the C.500 serves me fine, and even if I have to replace it every few years it's more cost-effective than a unit costing $500+.


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I am really liking my new(to me anyway) Numark CDN-32S. It is easy enough to figure out that I had no use for the manual.


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The Numark models are standard in alot of installs that I've seen (sports arenas, theaters, DJ setups, even restaurants for cd playback) because they just don't screw up. You could probably throw them across the room into a concrete wall and they'd still play a CD just fine. It's crazy how tough they are.


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I had actually turned in a quote for budgetary purposes on the stanton c.501 because of its price will be about what I'm willing to pay on a dual cdplayer and it has big buttons...and few buttons. Never underestimate the lack of smarts by students. The fewer the buttons...the better. Like I said, my students run the show through a laptop. But, that gets a little intimidating when highschoolers and random community personalities come in to run an event.

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