Dual Sound Cards


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Hey Everyone,

i am just wondering if you can help me with something

i have a laptop a Toshiba M300 (it doesn't matter about though)
and i have just purchaced a small usb sound card that has a line in 3.5 and line out 3.5 (the same as my laptop) and i wondering wether there is a way to use both sound cards to run diffirent channels of sound (like two diffrent sets of speakers)

is it posiable
Aha. Running Windows?

1. You can't natively use both sound cards at the same time to output the one signal simultaneously.
2. You can configure certain programs to specifically use interfaces on one or the other card.
3. You can configure Windows to use different interfaces for different things (for example use microphone port on USB card for recording but use inbuilt speaker out for listening).

Check out the "Sounds and Audio Devices" Control Panel in Windows XP when you have both plugged in.
Yes, as Phantom said, this really depends on what software you are trying to use. If you are using any audio program that is made for doing this kind of thing you should be able to pick and choose your inputs and outputs within the program fairly well, if you are just trying to work in windows, it wont be quite that easy. What software are you trying to use with this setup?
True RTA

and itunes i am trying to archive quad phoic sound

1 out left right rear
2. out left right front

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