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hey all,

in one of the venues i work in we are currently undergoing a house lights upgrade. so far they have installed a dynalite dle410 dimmer/controller and the remote control panels. they have done all hard wiring but have not yet changed the house lights - this will be happening earlyish next year.

we are still currently running our house lights off 2 linked jtm modules in our dimmer controlled via a sub on our strand 300.

i was wondering if anyone had any experience with these units and could tell me if this is possible...

i want to run a remote trigger cable from either the jtm module control (+10v) trigger or from the demux system we have into the dynalite so when you press the preset up down buttons on the remote units it will also trigger the jtm modules to fade up???

my other idea was to make a hard patch pay on the wall temporarily for the dynalite and patch the lamps into its internal dimmer channels instead of the jtm module...

any thoughts??



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In our auditorium we have a Dynalite based house lighting system. I think you will be able to do what you want from the controller, as the system is designed to be completely integrated into an automation system. Now I know that the unit that you have, has what dynalite calls a "Programmable dry contact AUX input", and can be used for interfacing certain items with the system. Other accessories can be installed which will enable all sorts of inputs/outputs to be used, including DMX. Some of the user control panels (the touch screen models I think from memory) have various interfacing options built in, but the simple push buttons do not. The data-sheet for you unit can be found here and the Dynalite website can be found here

Be aware, that all of those accessories, as far as I know will require programming by Dynalite service personnel before they can be used.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you need any more info


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yeah its all very hazey, i tried talking to dynalite and the company who installed it and both couldnt really understand what i wanted to do.... i know it must do it some how but the question is how...

i can program them myself, i have controlsoft etc on my laptop from other installation.

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