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Well, My dad is starting up a new company, and he has asked me to help him find a cool earset. What my dad does for his company is space mission simulations. He has worked a lot with the CMSEC and is now starting up iWorlds. He has been friends with the director there, and the director is also going to be the creative director for the new iWorlds. The CMSEC is part of the school district, and my dad is now starting iWorlds as a new business. The iWorlds business is not yet built, and all of the videos from the iWorlds site are filmed in 2 of the ships from the CMSEC.

Anyways, they give space mission to little kids, but the kids sometimes need help, so they always have a "concious". This is a little radio headset where the flight director (person running the simulator) can talk to the captain, and give him'her a few hints if the mission is not progressing. We are trying to get something better than just some headphones plugged into a 2-way radio.

My dad wants me to find a cool looking, (but not too fragile) earset, that would either work for a radio, or a cell phone. I'm pretty sure they don't make wireless earsets for radio, but they make tons of earsets for phones. My dad want the earset to look cool, but doesn't want the kids to necessarily know that it also has a microphone. He wants to always be able to talk to them, and to be able to monitor what they are saying. They have microphones in the ship, but sometimes they have "away missions" where they leave the ship, and sometimes you can't hear the captain very well. He was thinking of maybe getting a cricket phone, or something else with unlimited minutes, and wants to get a phone that automaticaly answers.

If any of you know any cool earsets, or maybe other suggestions of better ways to accomplish this, then your input would be greatly appreciated.


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No need to delete it, sometimes people are just slow to reply!

I'd take a look at Etymotic Research and Shure's boom headsets, they're pretty comfortable and sound great. I will offer that Shure's headset sounds a bit harsher than the ER one, because Shure appears to just use a stock E2 in-ear driver, which is full range, and tends to show a lot of high-freq noise in the phone signal. The ER is, from what I've heard (I own a Shure), more ideally optimized for phone signal. The mic on the Shure sounds great, and I haven't heard anything bad about the ER.

I know both come in cellphone versions, I'm not sure about radios.


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Well, I looked online at shure, and I don't think they're what we're looking for. It needs to be wireless from the phone, and not have a distinctive microphone. Something like this.

I don't know anything about this brand, etc. (Just pulled it off the internet) But, the main idea is that it looks kinda like that.

Are there any good brands that work well, and look cool too?

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