Control/Dimming EDI MARK VII Dimmer Rack MutliLink

Hello and thanks in advance for any help provided.

I support 4 low income high schools in rural Ohio and they all have EDI Mark VII dimmer Racks. So far all of them have been very dependable and they were installed new in 1997. Now I have one where the first set of 60 Channels or Card 1 in the Multilink Controller is failing and leaving the first 60 channels on at 15ish% and not responding to control of any kind. While the second set of 60 channels is working fine. I am hopefully that some on here may have access to the schematics/wiring diagram for this unit so that I can identify the IC in the IC socket in the lower right side as you face the unit which is what i believe to be the problem so that i can attempt to locate one and replace it. I am aware of the Johnson Systems Retrofit. I just don think the school can swing that. Any help is always appreciated.




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If the chip is damaged to the point you cannot read the part number, don't you have a legible chip on a working, adjacent card?

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