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Hey guys.

I'm taking on a pretty cool big project inside of the theatre, but it has alot to do with the electrical stuff. I am looking for ANYONE who uses products by EDI / Electronics Diversified. There symol kind of looks like a computer mouse. If you use anything by them please leave a comment.

Thanks, Nick
I have an OLD Scrimmer console and had to go through EDI a lot for repair, its just a vintage item but I wanted it working!

If you need support, they're really good at it.
I use a two scene board by them sometime and an Omega 2 the rest of the time.

I had been having some problems with Omega 2 but most of them are better now.

Also my school has their twilight boxes at least thats what we call them. They have a pre programmed set of lights so the actors and concerts can have all the lights they want of need without having me go turn the lights on for them.
Hmm, thanks guys. Unfortunatly none of that are the products that I'm looking for. I'm going to make a new post just for the physical dimmers cause thats what I'm having trouble with.


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