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Any suggestions on softwares (better if free) where I can edit texts during a presentation? Much like a powerpoint presentation but you wouldn't have to exit the slide in order to edit, and the change will be shown in an instant on the screen, assuming, that I am on an extended view. I know Propresenter can do that but I'm looking for other options.
I also tried coding in Powerpoint but it's too much for me and I ended up crashing my powerpoint sorta.



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Last time I tried, Powerpoint let you edit things live. Start the show in presenter mode, then alt-tab back out to the main window. Changes you make take effect immediately. You'll have to click the little "Resume Show" button or alt-tab back to the presentation to be able to advance slides again, though.


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While it's more designed for houses of worship, ProPresenter will allow you to edit slides while it is displaying them. You have to refresh the slide after you update it, but it's pretty easy to do in the program without having to switch windows like in PowerPoint.


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If you're doing text, Powerpoint probably isn't your solution. It updates character-by-character, so they'll be watching you type as you enter things. I usually use the method above when I'm tweaking brightness and contrast on photos in a presentation, and want to see how they look on the actual projector.

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