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We have written a program Easter this year that is a little different than what we have done in the past. It starts with a wedding reception at a hotel. But after the stage clears ( people entering the reception hall) A disaster happens. We are not saying what the disaster is but as the lights come up people are trapped, dust etc is seen.... up stairs and downstairs.. My questions are......what is the best way to simulate disaster with lighting , special effects, wires sparking. smoke things falling et. Just wanting to pick the brains of those on the list. As the program unfolds there is a looking back period to Crucifiction, death, burial, and ressurection. This is dont on the other side of the stage (split stage) complete with, ramp, three crosses and special effects with the crosses and the ressurection, something we have down for years with great success. It is the disaster that I am looking for ideas on .......... thanks guys have learned lots from reading here , Lee


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Well Many here have probably read my previous posting on the use of dust on stage. The best material I have found, which is probably the least irratating and least allergenic is Rye flour. It should be relatively simple to rig several small bags < i mean really small> around the grid area and drop them throughout the scene. these should give "trailers" of smoke and little puffs as they hit the ground. Get some Styrofoam or extruded Polystyrene <blue or pink foam> from Home depot. Make the foam into 2x4's or chunks of concrete, or rocks or whatevers you want. Do a search on here for my post on "Scenic Dope" coat the foam pieces with it and paint to the desired finish. I posted a design for a "drop box" not too long ago that you could fill with this "junk" and rig them to drop at different times all over the stage.
Hope that helps.


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Any chance you could provide a description (or better yet, picture) of your set? If you have some high profile yet nonobtrusive stuff fall over, crack, etc. it'll probably be very effective, in addition to strobe lights (only have them flash once, gel them yellow, like a spark/explosion), haze (In addition to dust; it'll be like permanently dusty), and everything else.

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