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Automated Fixtures Elation Arena Par Zoom vs Martin Rush MH 6

Discussion in 'Lighting and Electrics' started by Will C., Apr 16, 2019.

  1. Will C.

    Will C. Member

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    Western Illinois/Southeast Iowa
    Hi all.

    I am taking over the lighting program at a state university next fall and the current head of lighting there emailed me asking what fixtures I might like to invest in with some of their current end of year funds. My priority is obtaining an LED back light system that can zoom and my first choice was the Elation Arena Par Zoom. He replied that they had just rented some Martin Rush MH 6 units recently and asked if I would be interested in those instead since they are moving head pars that can also zoom as the price is practically the same through their vendor.

    My concern is brightness and punch, with my secondary concern being color quality. The documentation for each instrument approaches lumen output differently and I'm not 100% sure how much dimmer the Martin fixture is compared to the Elation. The zoom range is identical and having a full wash system that could double as moving head specials is super tempting, but I don't want to sacrifice intensity/color quality significantly since it is a school and I'd rather give the students an easier time creating beautiful compositions than make it easier to pick up a soloist.

    Unfortunately the funds need to be spent before I would have a chance to request a demo of both lights. Has anyone worked with either or (ideally) both of these fixtures? What was your takeaway? Thanks in advance! Links to both products below:
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  2. Taniith

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    Boston, MA
    We have 4 of the MH 6 fixtures and are generally happy with them. We bought them to use as specials, but I find they get used much more often as a top/back wash. They have a pretty nice range of color, and can zoom quite wide, though they do lack punch if you zoom them all the way out.

    Negatives are that the zoom can be a little loud if you zoom it over time. Also, the fans are a little obnoxious. Your only options are low speed (modulating light output if they get too hot) or auto (which tends to just result in the fans turning on and off every 15 seconds or so). There's no option to just leave them at high speed, which would be less distracting. I would not hang them over the audience for those reasons, but it's generally not an issue over the stage.

    I can't compare to the Elations, but we did a demo comparing them to the Chauvet Rogue R2, if you happen to know those. The Chauvet was a little bit brighter overall, though not by a huge amount.

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