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1. Shortened form of "electrical batten." A batten located on stage with circuits to power lights from which lights are hung. Electrics are numbered in order starting with the electric farthest down stage, 1st Electric being the most down stage and then the 2nd Electric, 3rd Electric, etc. working upstage.

Some designers also use other battens to hang lights on. These should also be numbered like electrics. If you add a position between the 1st and 2nd electric it is generally known as the 1A Electric. If you were to hang a second pipe between the 1A and the 2 Elec. then that would be called the 1B Electric. Upstage of the 2nd Elec. you would have the 2A, and so on. The most confusing of this is that if you hang a pipe down stage of the 1st electric it would be the 0A, this save from renumbering your positions.

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Electric charge – a property of some subatomic particles, which determines their electromagnetic interactions. Electrically charged matter is influenced by, and produces, electromagnetic fields.

Electric current – a movement or flow of electrically charged particles, typically measured in amperes.

Electric field – an influence produced by an electric charge on other charges in its vicinity.

Electric potential – the capacity of an electric field to do work, typically measured in volts.

2. As a plural, "electrics" may mean:
a)more than one electrical batten; OR,
b)the department or specialization that concerns itself with electrical power distribution. In most cases, this may be synonymous with Lighting, but in many venues it is a separate department. For instance, on many trade show floor/expo halls, the electrical contractor will use personnel from the IBEW, whereas stage/theatrical lighting will use IATSE stagehands.
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