Electrical Safety Month

I'd say that it is a good starting point for most people out there Ship.

Mr Plug is cool - where can I get the t-shirt?
that is some good info
Don't know where to got shirts. Still holding a Zilgin shirt or what ever the sound stuff manufacturer is spelled shirt for the next swag or award person coming from me. Just got the latest Metallica tour shirt today also. Swag is to be had on the market. I would say that contacting the writers of the tips guide would be a good start. If pro like me and they were contacted by a school type they might just be so impressed that you get such things free. Give it a try. Electrical safety good for all. The cartoon as cool, to be debated but it's important to read stuff. EC&M by the way, the source for this info is good to subscribe to in that what changes in the national electical code are implemented or considered will be debated there. Plus there is frequently good information you can use in learning from just as I do. There is also good monthly humorus and interesting stories from electricians in the field about what wierd stuff they saw and even post photos to. Sometimes worth a printed pin-up photo of what were they thinking.

Linking your interest in electrics with the legit electricians is not a bad idea because it's much the same all around.
LOL - Thanks Ship but there was a hint of sarcasm in regards to the t-shirt, :lol: although I genuinely did think that the info was a good beginning point and I have given a copy to the other guys on my crew. One recently mixed up Neutral and Earth when repairing some power leads with me. Fortunately I check all work before I put it back into circulation and all our plugs and in-line sockets are clear now, so you can very easily do an eyeball check, give them the once over with the Mega and away you go!

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