electro controls Celebrity Plus lighting console

If there is anyone out there that knows where i can find a manual for an Electro-controls Celebrity Plus Lighting console, if you could let me know...Our school has this lighting board and we have learned by punching in random numbers and seeing what they do. There are still more codes and such in it but we don't have a manual for it and i haven't been able to find one.

Here are several leads for you to try:

This first link showed up with only a brief web search.

They show a picture of your board and you may possibly get lucky.
They're located somewhere in the state of Michigan in the U.S. of A.

This next link will take you to Johnson Controls in western Canada.

They manufacture retrofit modules for Electro Controls and older Strand dimmers and architectural controls.
They've been around for decades and produce excellent products.
I can only personally attest to some of their Strand equivalents which I can unequivocably state
they build better than Strand ever did.
Whether or not they can help you with a console manual is anybody's guess.

This last one I hope I don't regret giving to you.
In Toronto, Ontario, Canada there is a provincially owned water park called Ontario Place.
They have a fairly large stock of antique ElectroControls gear.

One of Ontario Place's venues is known as "The Island Club".
As recently as a year ago there was one of your boards living in a small backstage control room off S/L.
The good news is there was a photocopy of it's complete manual sitting there with it.

Here's an e-address for the park's overall TD.
[email protected]

Realize this fellow most likely doesn't owe you any favours and that you'll be making a pest of yourself by troubling him, and at his busiest time of year, so all due respect is in order.
Please don't tell him I sent you.

Strand purchased ElectroControls decades ago when ElectroControls had a decent architectural line and Strand was in need of one. Eventually Strand, in essence, tossed ElectroControls in the dumpster. This was back in the mid '80's if my memories are correct.

Actor?? Me???

Ron Hebbard
RonHebbard said:
Realize this fellow most likely doesn't owe you any favours and that you'll be making a pest of yourself by troubling him, and at his busiest time of year, so all due respect is in order.
Please don't tell him I sent you.

I can see the email being typed up as we speak:

Dear Peter,

I consulted Google,a pyschic and put out some feelers in the theatre underworld. As such, I understand that you may be in posession of a user manual for an Electro Controls Celebrity Plus lighting console......

Don't worry Ron - a few more posts and you will no longer be labled as an actor. Besides, some of have heard about your background, qualifications and hold you in much higher regard. Those of us not privy to that information will soon realize the value that you will add to this community. Perhaps you could give us a quick bio in the new member forum.

Welcome aboard and I look forward to chatting to you sometime.

Thank you Sir and you flatter me!

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Thanks again for your welcoming and flattering comments, I'll try to do my best for you.

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Thanks again for your kind words.

Ron Hebbard
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You are welcome Ron and in Dave's defence he has been rather hectic of late. If you have any specific probs - Private Message me (there is a button below) and I will try to help.

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