Electro controls lighting boards.

My high school has Electro Controls Quad dimmers and a Celebrity board. I think the only difference with the Celeb and the Celeb Plus is an added "effects" module. Hopefully we'll be getting a new board soon, as this one is on it's last leg.
I pulled out one of my ancient EC catalogs (who are you calling a hoarder??) and there they were! See? -- it does pay to keep old stuff around!

The Celebrity Plus was pretty much a conventional lighting board with all the bells and whistles you still see nowadays, but only for controlling dimmers. It had a level setting & cue recording keypad, level and fader wheels, color video display and a softpatch module. There was also an optional cassette tape drive for show backup. You could order the board with up to 60 channels of 2-scene preset.

The Celebrity had the 2-scene preset, the softpatch module, and optional tape drive, but also came with 24 or 48 programmable scene masters.

Both of these boards spoke EC-Mux protocol, which like DMX supported 512 dimmer levels but inexplicably ran it on only one data wire plus common -- a source of many headaches over the years. Their average age is now 25, so replacement is definitely overdue if you still have one!
Please feel free to contact Dave Ross at Century Lighting Service 201-791-7000, [email protected]. We can repair EC consoles and may even have a complete console in the warehouse.

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