Electro Controls

Sure. It is very big, with brown painted metal paneling. There are sliders with various colors on them, to represent where the groups of plugs are. All the way across are the plug/circuit sliders. Up and down numbers represent the dimmers. You would move the slider up or down to patch that circuit to a dimmer. You could patch as many sliders to dimmers as long as the dimmer can hold that amount of power(it has no physical power limit). All along the top are the circuit breakers for the slider. Odd numbered outlets/circuits/sliders are on the top and the evens are on the bottom. This is probably not important but the circuit breakers are rated for 20 amps and the theater was built in 1978. I do not know when the lighting hardware was re-done but i think late 1980s to early 1990s

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Thats what I thought, it is exactly like ours, except that all our sliders are yellow and some of them are missing the slider so its just a white piece of plastic there that is hell to move. Plus ours doesn't work properly unless you turn off the breaker then move the slider all teh way down then up to where you want it, but if you miss it, you have to bring it all teh way down again and then up. IT is a royal pain to do. Also ours is backstage and our board is in the booth so i have to constantly run back and forth, i would prefer to do soft patching all the time and not have to deal with a patch panel at all
I would rather have an Expression 3 and not have to worry about patching at all. Even soft-patching has limitations.

my theatre is full of it!!!
channel strips, fresnels, lekos, scoops, scoops, scoops, channel strips and ummm scoops!!!!

About 30 scoops, 30 fresnels, 18 lekos and 4 strip lights. Dimming and control was by them too.

The 48 EC dimmers (3.6kw each) were replaced with 96 way Strand CD-80 rack. old EC board replaced with Strand GSX. Scoops and Fresnels are still in service. I JUST took the last 12 EC lekos out of service tonight. It was kind of sad considering they had been there for the last 35 years. They have been replaced with strand zoom lekos.

EC install was done in 1969/70 and cost $130,000 all fundraised by students!!!!!!!!!
what were the ec lekos? were they the parellipshperes? and you have how many scoops?? wow, i have 6, and i only use 4.
They resemble a box type leko and they have a 8" fresnel lens in them. One knob in the front, one knob in the back. They are GIANT.

Never seen anything like them anywhere else and nobody has ever seen anything like them before.
oh, then those arent a parallipshere. they are our best instruments(atleast untill the 2 s4 zooms arrive)
EC lekos as described, never seen one before. Please post a photo. The Photometrics Handbook has a bunch of types but they no doubt don't do the fixture justice and I can't pick out the model in curiosity.

Always a shame to completely remove from the inventory. Hope you are just storing them away somewhere if not selling or giving away.
heres a photo of it he sent me. he said they used it as a follow spot and the knob on the back they used as a douser.
Now there is a simple follow spot to teach how to with. What's the fixture next to it? Love a side, top and front view of all also. Plus model numbers.

Hope those from hs.tech reading the debate about if some school should go with the actor body pack sensor and automated follow spot or joy stick controlled follow spot realize what a glammer of a world they live in in comparision.

Too bad there is not a more equal distribution of funding amongst schools.
i recongized the fixture to the left right away. its a strand sdl. it looks like our 30 degree ones.
The followspot mod was done by students at the school AFAIK.
They are heavy and awkward to work with. Technically they are not Electro Controls - they are "Control Lighting"
The knobs on the side are marked with the EC logo however.

I'll see if i can find more pics.
well, no more pics of the EC leko, but i'll take some soon.


The ubiquitous electro controls 'channel strips' and a 6" control lighting fresnel.


a control lighting scoop sitting on a channel strip.


Page scanned from the 1970 (first year) yearbook. The altspot is still there (not in use) and this is about all the info I have on the old system. The dimmers (48x3.6kw) were replaced with 2 cd-80 packs. Then those were replaced with a full cd-80 rack.
yup, its definitely a Strand Lekolite. We have a few of those still hanging around at the theatre. They give a nice beam given their age.

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