So I'm working on a show that is using an Elektralite Paintcan (yes, I know it is a rather unliked fixture but I acquired it for free). Until a few days ago it had served the production flawlessly for what we were using it for (washing part of a room in a site-specific theater piece in various colors). Suddenly though, it has been behaving rather oddly. Sometimes it appears to randomly shut down in the middle of operation so that only the fans are operating and the menu goes dark. Most often it just won't start up and do its motor reset sequence—switching it on will just turn on all the fans and the display will be dark and buttons don't appear to do anything. Does anyone have any idea what might be going on with the fixture or has encountered similar problems with it? Elektralite's service/support number still hasn't responded to my many inquiries…
Chances are that it is a bad power supply or main logic board. The fact that the fans run, but nothing else operates points me towards the logic board, but it could be that only part of the power supply failed. If you're confident and competent to take it apart, meter the outputs on the power supply. It should listed on the supply what those taps should be outputting. If they are all good, it is the logic board.
I had that same problem with an Elektralite My575... Is probably the same issue. I have not figured out what is wrong with mine. Most likely the logic board.

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