Hi everyone,

I joined the forums a long while ago, but then kinda fell out of contact. This time I'm going to actually make ane ffort to try and increase my knowledge and perhaps others!!

I'm 15 and live in the U.K. I do the Lighting for all my school shows/drama competitions/music competitions, I also work with a small theatre company (when I say small I mean miniscule), doing the lighting and sound. I have a huge interest in the theatre (only really started 6-9 months ago, so I've still got a lot to learn).

I'm also a very keen drummer and outdoor enthusiast.

I guess I'm here to learn as much as possible!! I hope I don't annoy you by asking quite possibly the most simple of questions, but as I said I'm a bit of a beginner in the run of things.

Any questions? Fire away!

Timmy P
Hi Timmy and welcome back to CB. Where in the UK are you? I was born in Kettering but moved to Australia when I was 12. Much nicer weather here but I am not allowed to discuss the Australian summer when it is winter in the Northern hemisphere (don’t tell the webmaster!).

[action=Mayhem]smiles at the thought of another glorious 100 degree day :)[/action]

Anyhow – hope that you like the new layout and enjoy reading and hopefully contributing as well. Do not worry about asking too many questions or bothering any of us. We are all here to learn and help out and if you have a question there is a good chance that someone else is wondering that exact same thing.

Hey Timmy and welcome (back)!

I'm 15 too - didn't realise you were Australian Mayhem!!! :twisted:
I'm on the East coast, well I call it coast, actually it's the mouth of the Humber Estuary (that's in Lincolnshire)

Haha, the weather's dreary but ideal conditions at the moment. can't stand the theatre when it's stuffy (Air-conditioning hasn't been fixed yet :( Luckily the guy's coming to look at it tomorrow. After all we do have a pretty much sell out show in 4 weeks time!!)

Thanks for the welcome!

Timmy P
PhantomD said:
Hey Timmy and welcome (back)!

I'm 15 too - didn't realise you were Australian Mayhem!!! :twisted:

Well, somone has to keep these guys honest!
bdesmond said:
You think 100 degrees is comfortable? That's like the summer version of when it's <15 degrees or so in the winter - rather unpleasant.

LOL - you should see how we carry on when it gets down to 45 and below! We think sub 32 (and I mean just below by a few degrees) is the pits. Fortunately that is only a month or two each year. Western Australia doesn’t get snow and a decent frost is rare.

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